Bujumbura: Several reports from Burundi confirm a severe shortage of fuel since last week. People have been sharing pictures and videos depicting this situation on social media to illustrate how this situation is worsening every day.

Some shared pictures show bus riders waiting in very long lines at bus stops in the Capital City Bujumbura while other pictures illustrate vehicles in long lines at gas stations, and some of those gas stations have no fuel.

Letter from Viettel Burundi/ Lumitel to the Burundi Minister of Energy and Mines

Not only people are affected by this situation, private and public sectors are affected too. There are reports of nonattendance of some civil servants in their offices and at least a private telecommunication company has sent a letter to the Minister of Energy and Mines requesting a special license/authorization to supply its stocks from purchases in Burundi neighboring countries.

According to Burundian authorities this fuel shortage is a temporary issue that will be tacked very soon.